The Salvation Army of Billings, Montana
Planting Seeds of Opportunity
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We want to help you shine!
The Salvation Army of Billings, Montana seeks to develop cutting edge program resources for our region. These programs produce real opportunities for individuals and families to break the cycle of poverty which has a tight hold on so many in our community. We researched, designed, developed and implemented exciting, new and life-changing opportunities for those with the greatest need in our community.

We are driven by what is known as "Jeffersonian Hunger," the idea that we can help create an ideal world for our children.

We exist to help people do well in life. We call it "shining." If you are in need and want to bring change and transformation to your life or the lives of your children, give us a call. We want to help you -- SHINE!
Contact Us
The Salvation Army of Billings, Montana ® 2100 6th Avenue NorthBillings,MT 59101
Our Fall youth Program application is now here!!!

Click the link below to download the most current application, and submit it at the Corps Office, 
2100 6th Ave. N.